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Types of Weir

Types of wier:

1.       Gravity wier:

Uplift pressure due to the seepage of water below the floor is resisted (entirely) by the weight of floor.

2.       Non-gravity floor:
it has less thicker floor resistance is offered by the bending action of reinforced concrete floor.

Types of Gravity Weir

  •     Vertical drop weir
  •     Masonary or concrete slope weir
  •     Dry stone slope weir
  •     Parabolic weir


Vertical drop weir

  • Most basic type and most wiedly used in small weirs
  • Vertical drop weir or crest wall
  • Upstream and downstream cut off wall at the end of impervious floor.
  • Launching apron for scouring prevention
  • Graded inverted filter at downstream floor end to relieve the uplift pressure.

Masonary or concrete slope weir:

  • Suitable for soft sandy foundation.
  • Generally used where the difference in wier crest and d/s river is limited to 3m
  • Hydraulic jump is formed on slopping crest


Dry stone slope wier:

  • Body wall or weir wall
  • u/s and d/s rock fill laid in form of glacis with few interveining core walls.

Parabolic weir:

  • similar to spillway section of a dam
  • body wall designed as low dam
  • cistern to dissipate the energy
  • u/s and d/s protection works are similar to that of vertical drop weir.


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